Our Visit to ‘Big School’

We were so lucky to be able to go and visit our ‘Big School’ friends at Bundeena Public School on Wednesday 31st of August.  We all followed instructions by our teachers Vivian, Linda, Miranda and Kim.  We had to be very careful crossing the road and had to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN carefully for cars.  When we arrived we were able to see some of our siblings, and we also met Mrs Pitt, who is one of the lovely teachers there.  We were able to experience some table activities set out for the Kindergarten children, as well as some construction and manipulative activities.  We also had a lovely story and some  songs with the Kindy children and Mrs Pitt.
We had our morning tea with some of our older siblings in front of the canteen.  Then we had a lovely walk down to the main street of Bundeena and had a special treat – hot chips in the park….YUMMY!

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